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e-Learning – The Level Next Learning

Times & Trends Academy has introduced online courses that are truly revolutionary. The online courses offer flexibility to students. Students can now study their favourite courses at anytime and anywhere. This helps students to learn efficiently and nothing can stand in their way to achieve their dreams.

Online Courses Includes


  • 24x7x365 days access to training sessions
  • On-Demand Demonstration Videos
  • Q & A with Founder & Chairman
  • Guest Lectures
  • Live-Streamed Presentations & Events
  • Career-Oriented Workshops & Advice
  • Digital Portfolio Showcase
  • Video Access for life & much more

Why E-learning?

  • We at Times and Trends Academy believe that education cannot be restricted only to theory and portfolios. For the same reason, we have incorporated e-learning in our systems.
  • This gives the students an extra edge apart from the regular lectures that happen in the classrooms.
  • Students get to experience and learn by watching & listening to videos, PowerPoint presentations and related information all combined in one source.
  • E-learning will provide you an easy access to Videos, PPT’s, Sound Clips, Books, Assignments, Quizzes, Question Banks, and Blogs at your fingertips.

Benefits of ‘e-learning’ @ TTA

Study Any Where, Anytime

‘‘Self Paced’’ Learning


Cost Effective

Personalized Learning

Enhance Knowledge & Skills

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