Top 8 Home Design Tips For The Absolute Beginner

Home is where the heart is. Indeed true! A four walled house becomes a sweet home once we put efforts for its appearance. Interior design course and interior decorating courses gives a great impetus to the thought put up by an individual on how a home would look like. Preferential taste pertaining to the likes and dislikes of an individual play the most important role in this area. But a little help can always take us miles ahead. So read along top 8 home design tips if you are an absolute beginner in this field:

1. Choice of colour: An interior design course makes one aware of different elements of designing. Choosing a colour is really vital since it lays ground for what feel the home would give. You can choose either warm colours like red or orange or cool colours like blue or green depending on your palate. Keep in mind that a contrast in furnishing and décor is required while moving ahead in styling the home.

2. Multi-Purpose Furniture: Utilisation of space is the utmost preference for home stylists today. One can learn about multi-purpose furniture in interior design course which are not just pieces of smaller utilisation but serve a purpose of saving space too. Invest in sofa cum bed, vase tables which have drawers, chairs that have bookshelves etc. This is a key to modern house.

3. Central artwork: Artwork pieces must be given a strong thought according to what theme you would like to put up. Themes are explained in interior decorating courses which you can apply while choosing paintings, drawings etc. If you are going for traditional artwork, for instance Madhubani, make sure to decorate the wall or space with a symmetrical thought.

4. Contrast textiles: Whatever curtain or rug or table piece you choose, it should be contrast in colour and texture to bring freshness to your space. For instance, if you have brown furniture, try to use colours like white or turquoise for a soothing effect. This brings more perspective to the room and play of lights can be done easily.

5. DIY personalised touch: A home is an expression of who you are. It bridges the gap between your personality and the visitors. DIY personalised items grab the most attention and keep the visitors engaged too. It’s after all your home and it needs your assistance in every nook and corner of its existence. Use dream catchers, hand painted vases or DIY makeup of flowers to give a personalised touch.

6. Natural elements: A house which encompasses natural elements surely stands out. It is really easy to incorporate natural elements in your house. Plant small shrubs or keep a bonsai in living space. Use curtains of yellowish tint to get the best scenes of sunlight. Keep a bowl full of shells or pebbles. This makes the space more breathable.

7. Bohemian Style: Bohemian style is undoubtedly back with a bang. Use of extensive colours, patterns, art pieces with a bling and mosaic structure is the real winner here. Free and flowy curtains are used for windows. The space looks the most lively with a fantastic pop of colour.

8. Monochrome: Monochrome is styling with the use of one single colour. This is an upcoming arena in interior decorating courses. For instance, if you are using the colour white, every element in a room will be of the same colour. This brings in absolute symmetry. It is very experimental but if implemented well, it can work wonders!

January 29, 2020

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